Loss, the new Normal?

What is loss? How do we experience loss and what do we need to do to move on from loss?

Loss is defined as “having something or someone leave or be taken away from you, a feeling of grief when something is gone, or a decline in money.” – (Loss Meaning | Best 32 Definitions of Loss, 2021) 

COVID-19 invaded our lives so unexpectedly and it did not come with a manual on how to deal with it, it left all of us feeling unsure about the future.  We hoped that we would be able to return to “Normal” soon, but after a year that has still not happened, and we have slowly learned that we need to accept it as we create a new “Normal” to live in.

Living through this pandemic has been and continue to be challenging, we are all worried about work, our health, our families, and our futures.  We are concerned about things we rarely gave attention to before the pandemic hit.  We are afraid for our parents and grandparents, our children, our jobs, our country, our way of life and at the core of it we also have a deep fear for our own lives.  We experience anxiety over what we can and cannot control, we feel overwhelmed thinking about what we can lose.

Since, last year so many people have already lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, their loved ones, which is the hardest thing to accept and work through.  Not only have we been losing the “physical” things in our lives, but we also started to lose hope, faith and in some cases the will to live in this uncertain world.  We experience loss on such a deep level that it changes how we think about life, about who we are and where we are going.

It is important to remember that loss comes with a bunch of emotions including anger, resentment, sadness, depression, grief and overall feelings of losing control.  It is also important to not get stuck in a trap of comparing your situation to the situations of those around you, yes some people have lost more than others and it is easy to feel that life is unfair for you.

Everyone has been feeling a sense of loss on some level, we are all still struggling to process the pandemic’s rising death toll, its economic impact, the restrictions that take away our freedom and influence our connections with those we saw in our day-to-day lives at work or in our favourite stores and restaurants.

The reality is that COVID-19 will not be going away soon, and we might continue to experience loss, but we must realise that we also gained a lot, in some cases because of what we lost.

Families are spending more time together, even if it is just over a video call.  We have a different perspective of what it means to be alive, and we value things that we never thought about before.  We appreciate more, care more and support each other more in ways that did not exist before.

We experience loss and it is hard to live with it, but when you feel overwhelmed by loss it is important to think about what you have and what you gained, although you experience loss. It is important to focus on that, important to see that and if you need to talk to a therapist about it, you do that.

We are all fighting a virus that throws curveballs at us the whole time, and on some days, we must fight a bit harder than on other days. 

FEAR has two meanings: Forget everything and Run OR Face everything and Rise.

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