"What you see and what you hear depends on where you are standing and on who you are"
- CS Lewis -

This is always a difficult thing to ask of anyone…the question tell me about yourself?

Where do you begin?  What do you say and what do you leave out?

How do you describe yourself? 

I can tell you about everything I studied, my degrees and what I know, but that is only part of what makes me who I am.

So, who am I?

It is always better to be honest, to tell things like it is.

Sometimes events and circumstances change us on such a deep fundamental level that we can never be the same person as before.  Life leaves scars, some deeper than others.

We think differently about life and what it means to be alive.  We question the reality we live in and try to make sense of the world surrounding us.

We are left feeling confused, alone and unsure of who we are and where we are going.

I started studying psychology when I was 27, maybe as a way to understand myself and what I was going through or maybe to find answers about why people hurt each other in so many ways.

I know what it feels like to hit that “rock bottom”, because I did.  HARD.  I found myself at a place where I had only two choices.

Get help from professionals or continue walking in the wrong direction.  I chose to get help.

I saw professionals to help me work through the things I couldn’t work through on my own.

Was it easy? NO

Was it painful? YES

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY

I had to go through my own journey to find the “new” me.

I realised that I wanted to be a survivor; not a victim anymore.  

I realised that my dreams were mine and mine alone and that the only person that could make it become real was ME.

It is my past, my choices, life experiences, the fact that I took those first steps to study what I always knew in my heart I was meant to study and asking for help that led me to where I am now.

Through counselling I learned that I am not perfect, that there is no such thing as perfect, but that I can strive to be the best me every day.  I learned that I am human and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, that it is ok to be happy! 

I learned that I am real, true and honest and that in spite of the challenges I’ve been through I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot of reasons to be proud of who I am.

I learned that I am strong, which doesn’t mean I don’t have “down-days”.  I do, but on those days I know I need to fight a bit harder to stay positive and I know that I have the skills to handle it.

This is what I have to give.  Knowledge, skills and a passion for life.

Nobody can change what happened to you in the past or what is happening to you now.  Life will always throw curveballs at us, it is unavoidable, but you can choose what you are going to do with that ball.

Having a professional at your side to guide you through whatever you are struggling with is the first step to take back control of your life, a way to change your reality and discover a new world.

So, who are you and where do you want to be?

Needing support and asking for help does not make you weak

It takes a strong person to admit that life is difficult at times

Your life always matters and is worth fighting for