“A disease called ADDICTION”

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More people than ever before find themselves addicted to substances, yet are unwilling to seek treatment because of the misery and stigma associated with it.  They feel unsure, scared and overwhelmed because they don’t have the knowledge or understanding of what addiction is.

This book is a general introduction to addiction and includes information on how  psychological, biological, physiological and environmental/social factors play a role in addiction.  It covers the stages and symptoms of addiction along with statistics on the use of specific drugs globally and in South-Africa.

It will educate you about the effects and painful cycle of addiction and also introduce you to different treatment options available to break that cycle.  

Throughout the book you will read a story about one woman’s struggle with alcohol and prescription drugs to illustrate how substance use can easily become an uncontrollable addiction.

It will give you new insights and knowledge to understand what addiction is and what it is not.

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